Small Groups for Discipleship

Ongoing Groups for Discipleship:

Adult Sunday School Classes

The following classes are located in the East Building. 

Take the stairs located outside the Sanctuary

Salt & Light (20s-30s) - Room 251E

Cornerstone (60+) - Room 252E

Keystone (30s-60s) - 253E

Joint Venturers (50s-60s) - 254E

Horizon Seekers (30s-40s) - 351E (top floor)

The following classes are located in the West Building. 

Group (60+) - 202W (take the stairs near the West entrance)

New Heights (60+) - 205W (take the stairs near the West entrance)

Companions (60+) - Library (located near the restrooms)

Looking for a place to meet new people & have a spiritual conversation that is tied to the worship focus for the day...but you don't want to join a Sunday school class? 

We have just the place for you, and you are welcome to come when you can!

Coffee & Conversations (All Ages) - Parlor

Please note that this group is not meeting during the summer.

Mid-Week Groups for Learning:

The Bible Year(ish) Small Groups

In-person on Wednesdays at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. at AHUMC

Online on Monday evenings. Please contact Linda Nevitt for Zoom code.

ALL are welcome to join these groups at any time. If you are joining us in the midst of The Bible Year(ish), we encourage you to join us by starting with today's scripture and moving forward. You can find more information here.

Pastor's Bible Study with Dr. Mary Spradlin

Thursday mornings at 10:00 a.m. (in-person at Indian Creek Condo Clubhouse). 

Please contact Linda Nevitt for Gate Code for Indian Creek.

Companions in Christ Women's Group

Wednesday mornings at 10:00 a.m. 

(in-person and over Zoom)

Contact Linda Nevitt for more information

Weeknight small groups for Women & Men:

We have several groups that meet once or twice a month

for fellowship and spiritual growth. 

Please contact these group members

to learn more about the group

and details of meeting times and places. 

New members are always welcome!

Graceful Souls, for women in their 20s - 40s (contact Robin Burroughs for information)

Kindred, for women in their 20s - 30s (contact Erin Wescott for information)

Journeymen, for men of all ages (contact Shawn Wescott for information)

Adult Ministries

Sunday school classes, small groups, accountability groups, and numerous opportunities for mission and fellowship are available at AHUMC. 

For more information about adult ministries, please contact Linda Nevitt

adult Sunday School Classes

Our adult classes meet Sunday mornings at 10:00 a.m. 

Classes are listed according to age group; however, many classes have a variety of ages, and you are encouraged to visit several to see which one is the best fit for you.

  • You can access the East classrooms via the stairs located just outside the Sanctuary.
  • The West classroom staircases are located near the west entrance and next to the bathrooms on the first floor. 
  • There is an elevator, located just outside the Atrium (between the east and west buildings).

Please visit the Welcome Table in the Atrium for more information.

  • Salt and Light   (adults 20s-30s) meets in Room 251E.
  • Horizon Seekers   (adults 20s-30s) meets in Room 354E.
  • Joint Venturers   (adults 50+) meets in Room 255E.
  • New Heights   (adults 50+) meets in Room 110W.
  • Group Class  (adults 60+) meets in Room 202W.
  • Cornerstone   (adults 60+) meets in Room 252 E.
  • Genesis Partners   (adults 60+) meets online.
  • Companions   (adults 70+) meets in the Library on the first floor.

  • Coffee & Conversations is a casual gathering each Sunday in the Parlor for any who would like to visit and discuss the scripture used in worship that morning. You are welcome to drop in!