Worship FAQ's

How are the services different?

  • The Sanctuary services (8:30 and 10:50) follow a similar, traditional, order of worship. The 8:30 service has a more relaxed feel, and Communion is served every Sunday. Communion is served on the first Sunday of the month in the 10:50 service. In both services, we follow a traditional order of worship, sing from hymnals, and enjoy an anthem sung by our Chancel Choir. Special music includes Bell Conte Ringers, Grace Notes women's ensemble, Children's choirs, and occasional vocal and instrumental soloists.
  • Third Space Worship (11:03), located in the Fellowship Hall, is a relaxed, blended service. Music is provided by small ensembles and soloists, accompanied by guitar, keyboard and drums. Screens are utilized for music lyrics. Seating is informal, and Communion is served every Sunday.

Where are the services located?

  • Coming in the doors across from the west parking lot (under the awning), Third Space worship is located in the Fellowship Hall, which is on your left after you enter the building (restrooms are on the right, past the offices). Follow the main hallway straight to the Atrium, where coffee is served throughout the morning. Turn left in the Atrium to find the Sanctuary (on your right, just past the glass doors). 

Where are the Restrooms located?

  • As you enter the west doors (near the main parking lot), the main hallway leads straight to our Atrium. Restrooms (equipped with diaper changing stations) are located half-way down this hallway, on your right.
  • From the narthex (outside the Sanctuary doors), take the stairs up one level to find restrooms.
  • Nursery changing tables are available in the nursery rooms, located down one level from the Narthex.

What should I wear?

  • You are welcome to dress as you please! Participants in all services provide a mix of "casual," "business casual," and "Sunday best" attire.

What do I need to know about taking Communion?

  • United Methodists practice open Communion: all who wish to receive this means of God's grace are welcome to participate, including children. We most often take Communion by intinction - you receive a piece of bread, dip it in the juice, and consume both together. We use grape juice, not wine, and gluten free wafers are available for those who need them.

What about children in worship?

  • Children are always welcome in worship! A Children's Time is included in all services, and special Children's Bulletins are available. A basket outside the Sanctuary doors holds Children's Worship Kits, and coloring pages and crayons are available at the back tables in Third Space. 
  • Loving nursery care is available during all services. The Nursery is located down one flight of stairs from the narthex (just outside of the Sanctuary), on the Blue Floor. Preschool children are welcome in the nursery during all services.
  • A special Sacred Circle Time is provided for preschool children during the late services. After the Children's Time, parents are invited to take preschool children to the Blue Floor for a time of story and blessing.
  • Grade school children can be wigglers during worship! Teaching our children to worship is a sacred task. Here are some suggestions for parents to help their children engage in worship in the Sanctuary or Third Space services.